6 Unknown Facts About International Women’s Day

They say, if you want something said; ask a man, if you want something done, ask a woman. While men often crib about the lack of attention International Men’s Day (yes, there is one) receives, the ladies are all ready to commemorate the unconquerable spirit of womanhood.

A woman beautiful, confusing and yet, one of the most interesting species, and International Women’s Day aims to recognise their achievements and honor them all over the globe.
It is nearly impossible to state all the facts associated with this day, but we’re taking a shot at the one’s you probably don’t know about.
Here are some of the lesser known facts about Women’s Day:

1. The origin

The first International Women’s Day was originally observed on March 19 in 1911. The date was chosen as International Women’s Day because it commemorated the day that the Prussian king promised to introduce votes for women in 1848. The king however failed to keep his promise.
2. Pushing the date
Women began a strike for “bread and peace” in Russia in resulting in the death over 2 million Russian soldiers in war. The women continued to strike in spite of facing strong opposition from the political leaders until four days later the Czar was forced to abdicate and the provisional Government granted women the right to vote. This historic day was March 8 as per the Gregorian calendar. Hence, the day was moved to March 8.

3. A day to educate

The United States even designates the whole month of March as ‘Women’s History Month’.

4. The logo

The purple and white logo of the IWD actually features the symbol of the Venus, which is also the sign to represent the female sex.

5. A holiday?

27 countries recognise International Women’s Day as an official holiday including Afghanistan, Belarus, Cambodia, Cuba, Russia and Uganda. Is the Indian government listening?

6. The UN’s part

Since 1996, the United Nations has assigned a theme to every annual International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is Pledge for Parity.
-Priyanka Mukherjee


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