4 Year Old Boy Got Trapped Into Washing Machine & Died !! SHOCKING !!

A four-year-old boy drowned after he got trapped in a washing machine filled with hot water at his home in Ajman, the police said.

The boy was with his grandmother and uncle at their family villa in Al Rawda when he sneaked his way into the laundry room.

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He got inside the front-load washing machine and closed its door, prompting the washer to run, the Khaleej Times reported on Thursday, citing police officials.


The boy may have climbed into the washing machine out of curiosity and got trapped inside, the police said, adding that the machine soon started spinning, drowning him.

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An unusual as the incident is, countries around the world from China and the UK to the United States have logged scores of deaths in recent years of children drowning in washing machines after becoming trapped inside.


The boy may have climbed into the washing machine out of curiosity and when the door slammed shut it appears to have automatically started the wash cycle and trapping him inside, the police said. Police investigation is ongoing but they have ruled out foul play.

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Authorities worldwide have repeatedly warned parents to never allow children to play in a laundry room given the dangers of washing machines.

In January of this year, a 5-year-old Japanese boy died in a front-loading machine after he closed the door from the inside.

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In 2016, media reported a 3-year-old died in Arkansas from scalding after she was trapped in a washing machine that was preset to begin the wash cycle when the door closed.

The boy was found by his mother when she came to pick him up from his grandmother’s house. His uncle had to break the door of the machine to retrieve the child’s body.

The body was sent for autopsy and an investigation into the case was ongoing.


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