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3 B’s, The Newest Barbecue Joint At T.Nagar: The Starting Price Will Shock You !!!



3 B’s, The Newest Barbecue Joint At T.Nagar: The Starting Price Will Shock You !!!

Buddies, Bar and Barbecue stands for 3B’s. It is the new joint that has been opened in  T.Nagar, Chennai where alcohol is also accessible. A 30ml glass of Red Label is just INR 157 and Black Label at INR 190! There’s Bloody Marys and Margaritas for INR 160 too! Their buffet space is somewhere you would mostly prefer though they have a great place to drink. The unlimited veg and non-vegetarian starters they serve will never make you leave the place for ages. Followed by which you’re treated to a spread of a seafood, red meat, breads, rices, gravy’s and more starters! To wrap up you’ve got ice cream and gulab jamuns that we somehow always have space for. 3B’s is a venture from the city’s well known Absolute Barbecue group that’s currently the highest rated buffet restaurant in the city, apparently! The decor and overall look is quite similar to its parent restaurant in terms of the eclectic lighting, thick cushions and there’s a lot of room so bring the whole gang on board. In fact it kind of feels like you’re entering a club, given that there’s even DJ turn tables in the center of the room! As it is evident that we can see 3B’s provididng a projector view,  it is going to be a great place to enjoy the triumphs of CSK in the coming IPL season it seems.



Beer drinkers can enjoy the same lunch with a bottle of Sterren beer for INR 578 {from 12pm to 4pm}. If you’re feeling bummed that it’s just one free beer, remind yourself that their bar has super cheap prices anyway.



Hotel Shridevipark, 1, Hanumantha Road, Near Soma Sunder Ground, Thyagaraya Nagar, Chennai

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