2K Kid’s Attitude In front Of Teachers Irked 90s Kids !!

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CM / Updated: 2022-07-07
23:12 IST

In the recently shot “Neeya Naaa” show which was a debate between Students and Teachers, a female student who most probably belongs to the 2K born category, said that she never bothered about her teachers ad wouldn’t do the assignments. She was asked to enact how she would react if she gets questioned by the teachers and the studen’ts attitide in front of the teachers, baffled the online users, especially those who belongs to the 90’s born category.


In the video which is receiving several reactions from the public, a student was seen saying “Teacher would ask the students who didn’t finish the assignment to get out of the class but me and our gang will stay to see what the teacher is going to do” to Neeya Naana host Gopinath.

When Gopinath said what would she do if the teacher questions, the students replied “We would simply sit without bothering the words of the teacher”. “We wouldn’t bat an eye” for the teacher’s orders” she further says.

Further, Gopinath asks a teacher in the opponent team to question the student who questions back the teacher instead of answering. When the teacher says that she would call her father and complaint, the student replies “Do it miss” with a chuckle. “My father would come and scold me, that’s it, it’s done and dusted there” the student says. “My father would come and scold me and will also scold me in the house and will beat me. That’s it, Problem finish” the students says.

When another teacher comes forward to question the student, she says that she couldn’t complete the assignment due to a personal problem in her house. “You had personal problem for one long week ?” the teach questions to which the students answers “Due to the personal problem, I had mental depression. It could last for any timen longer” the student replies back.

“Please go and visit the doctor today itself and tell me when will you complete the assignment” asked the teacher. “I will complete it in two days” replies the student and sits back. “I will obey to the teachers who handles me in a soft manner” the student further says. “If the teacher behaves rude, I won’t do the assignment and wouldn’t let my gang do the assignment as well” she said in the end.

Watch the video below :

Many viewers found the student’s attitude problematic which is evident through their replies. Check out some of them below :


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