20-year-old drunk student rammed into autorickshaws in Tamil Nadu’s Chennai killing one auto driver with speeding car


An autorickshaw driver was killed and four others harmed after an auto slammed a line of sparked autos on Chennai’s Cathedral Road, around 1.15 am on Sunday . The auto was driven by an undergrad, who was allegedly in an intoxicated state.

This is the second time that such a mishap has happened in the range, with another auto driver killed in a similar way at a close-by spot in September a year ago.

At around 1.15am on Sunday morning, a line of around 20 autos were standing stopped in favor of the street close Stella Maris College, when a speeding Chevrolet Cruz auto smashed six of them. One of the drivers, 33-year-old Rajesh hailing from Arakonam, was sleeping inside his auto, and was executed in the effect.

The chevrolet cruze  which caused the accident was driven by 20-year-old K Naveeth, examining in the second year of his Bachelor’s of Commerce degree in a private school in the city. The police revealed to The New Indian Express that he was observed to be tanked at the season of the mischance. Four other undergrads were with him in the auto – supposedly distinguished by the police as R Kiran Kumar (19), R Vishal Rajkumar (19), N Hari Krishnan, (21) and P Vinoth (20). They were all coming back from a late-night party.

The Adyar activity police has documented a body of evidence against all the five understudies on charges of plastered driving, and an examination has been propelled.

The four auto drivers who were harmed in the mishap have been admitted to an adjacent government hospital. “We don’t how the auto came. We as a whole woke up because of the effect of the mishap,” one auto driver at the scene of the mischance disclosed to Puthiya Thalaimurai.

“A year ago, a similar thing happened and there were 20 vehicles stopped. In the event that they put blockades on that street, individuals will in any event back off and come. Else, they come quick,” said another driver.

In September a year ago, a 29-year-old driver, Arumugam, was murdered after a Porsche slammed a few stopped auto-rickshaws on RK Salai. The auto was driven by 22-year-old Vikash Anand, a racer and student from Chennai.

Never ever mix drinking and driving.you can’t bring the life of a person back ! be a Responsible citizen


  1. This Should be the Caption :- A speeding car of 20-year-old drunk student rammed into autorickshaws in Tamil Nadu’s Chennai killing one auto driver.

    Plz Correct the Whole article!

    It is the speeding Chevrolet Cruze car driven by a drunk college student, who along with four friends were heading towards Marina Beach, ran over and killed an auto driver and injured five others, as it rammed into at least six auto rickshaws on Cathedral Road near Stella Maris College.
    This happened at around 1.15 am, the speeding car rammed into the auto from behind. One Auto Driver was Killed on Spot & other 5 Auto Drivers were Injured!

    Correct The Article Plz!


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