20 Memorable Foreign Trips With Your Family Which Will Cost You Less Than An iPhone X

Bought an iPhone 8 or iPhone X?  Congratulations! But how long will the joy of owning an IPhone last – few days, hours or months? Just imagine if you could buy yourself an international vacation at same or a lesser price, the memory of which would last for a lifetime! You read it right, there are some amazing vacation spots around the world, where you can travel for as low as 50,000 and that’s for a round-trip! Don’t believe me? Read on. Below is a list of 20 such international trips that’ll cost you less than an iPhone.


1. Thailand

Thailand travel tips 1
Topping the charts is the world renowned destination – Thailand. Indulge in its beaches, mountains, culture and food in just the right kind of budget.
Air Tickets: The round trip flight tickets can cost fairly between INR 17000 – 20,000, if boarding from New Delhi or Mumbai. Taking a round trip from Kolkata could cost around INR 9000 approx.
Stay: Whether you are traveling in a group or solo, Thailand is full of budget staying options starting from as low as INR 573 per night per person. You can choose from a dormitory type accommodation, a hostel or even a decent budget hotel.
Places to Eat: Thailand is famous for its street food. A good budget meal can cost up to approximately INR 60.
Places To Visit: A combination of any 2-3 cities like Bangkok, Pattaya and coral islands, Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai is a good option to explore the culture of Thailand. Almost every city will be home to few of the many Ancient Buddha temples, floating market, elephant show and so on.
Suggested Duration: 6 Days and 5 Nights
Travel Calculation: Approx. INR 35,000
Interesting Tips: Explore the “tuk-tuk ride”, under water world, floating market, Thailand’s famous “Som Tam” (Papaya Salad) and needless to say, the street shopping around Victoria’s monument in Bangkok.

2. Singapore


Singapore is a country that celebrates colorful culture. A tiny yet modern country offers great bargains and is a wise way to spend money on a vacation.
Air Tickets: The round trip flight tickets can cost between INR 20,000 – 22,000 onwards if boarding from New Delhi or Mumbai or INR 11,000 – 15000 From Chennai or Kolkata.
Stay: Singapore offers accommodation options like the City Backpackers @ Kallang or Fernloft City Hostel which offer stay for as low as INR 600/ night. On the other hand a single room can start from INR 2000/ night in a decent budget hotel.
Places to Eat: Chinatown food centre, Maxwell food centre or any hawker center are the places where you can get a meal in less than INR 500 inclusive of main, drink, and dessert.
Places To Visit: Singapore is famous as a holiday destination either for its day excursions or Singapore cruises. Either ways don’t miss out on the Famous National Museum of Singapore or Orchard Road/ Dhoby Ghaut Shopping stretch. Must Visit include Underwater world, Dolphin Lagoon
Suggested Duration: 4 Days and 3 Nights
Travel Calculation: Approx. INR 42,000
Interesting Tips: Explore Singapore at night when it is beautifully light up with the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel and Singapore flyer view.

3. Viet Nam

Hien Lam Pavilion Gate Hue lgShaped like the letter “S”, lying on the eastern part of Indo-Chinese peninsula is Viet Nam.
    In the country you will find timeless charm and a flavor of another Asian culture.
Air Tickets: The round trip flight tickets can cost INR 16,000 onwards when planned 4-6 months in advance.
Tip: Stay on a lookout for promotional offers from Air Asia.
Stay: Ho Chi Minh City is home to hostels like Suite Backpackers Inn, Eco backpackers hostel and so on which provide single bed in dormitory rooms starting from as low as INR 400 per night. While a decent hotel for a single room ranges from INR 700 onwards per night.
Places to Eat: Some of the must eat traditional Vietnamese food include Nem Raan or Cha Gio (Fried Spring rolls) and Cha Ca (Grilled minced fish). Eat at street stalls. Take note of places like Cha Ca Street and Nguyen Truong to street in Hanoi for popular yet budget meals.
Things to do: The best way to save time and money is to take a short Yacht or boat cruise in Vietnam besides obvious indulgences like local market tours, island tours and wildlife tours. Must Visit include Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh city.
Interesting Tips: Learn a couple of words in Vietnamese like hello and thank you! Smile all the time here!

4. Sri Lanka

amari galle srilanka 1

Famous for the best backpacking destination, Sri Lanka is home to landscapes and culture which is much like India. Visit to feel like home away from home with a change.
Air Tickets: The round trip flight tickets can cost
From Delhi: INR 20,000 onwards
From Chennai: INR 8000 onwards
Stay: Colombo Sea view hostel, Colombo city hostel and so on are dormitory style accommodations that starts for INR 600/night. Similarly in other places like Kandy, Bentota and so on, hotel rooms can range from INR 1000 onwards per night.
Places to Eat: Ceylon Tea Moments in Colombo is one of the top choices which offers a huge menu within the range of INR 100-500; A classic Sri Lankan meal of fish curry in local markets can cost you less than INR 100.
Places To Visit: The must visit cities include Colombo, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and Bentota. Also visit world heritage sites like Temple of tooth Relic, boating or fishing on Lake Gregory, tea factory visits, Seetha Eliya garden and temple from famous Ramayana, turtle hatchery etc. Visit Odel, Majestic city etc for shopping.
Suggested Duration: 5 Days and 4 Nights
Travel Calculation: Approx. INR 35,000<
Interesting Tips: “Aa-yu-bo-wan” is hello in the local language. Traveling on public transport such as buses and train is usually the choice which is both crowded as well as cheap!

5. Nepal

f ots drone quake 150427
An ideal holiday destination for all types of traveler, surrounded by lofty peaks and scenic landscapes lays Nepal. It is a beautiful country which is every traveler’s delight.
Air Tickets: The round trip flight tickets from New Delhi could cost approx. INR 9000 onwards. or you could also take a bus ride from Kolkata
Stay: Hostels in places like Kathmandu start from as low as 300/night per person while a budget hotel for two could cost INR 600/night at an average.
Places to Eat: OR2K a popular Israeli-run restaurant can be a budget saver in Kathmandu while Krishna’s kitchen in Pokhara can be another ideal dining choice.
Places To Visit: Must Visits include Nagarkot, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Pokhara while popular things to do: Devi falls, gorge of Seti river, visit to Bindabasini Temple, Old bazaar of Pokhara
Suggested Duration: 7 Days and 6 Nights
Travel Calculation: Approx. INR 25,000
Interesting Tips: Stroll across local markets in the region to shop for some of the exquisite Nepalese handicrafts and other trinkets.

6. Bhutan

bhutan 2
The scenic country also called as the ‘land of the Thunder Dragons’ or the ‘Druk Yul’, offers pristine untouched natural wonders.This year is full of long weekends and Bhutan is close by! Plan your trip to the Shangri La of Himalayas.
Air Tickets: Finding a direct flight to Bhutan according to your convenience might be not a good option. Instead catch a domestic flight to Bagdogra Airport which is the nearest airport to the Bhutan border. The round trip can cost INR 6000 onwards. Take a 5 hour bus journey ahead which could cost approx INR 1900.
Stay: A Cozy and decent guest house room for two is easily available from INR 500 onwards.
Places to Eat: A meal at Sonam Trophel Restaurant in Paro serves minimum of 7 dishes which can cost you approx. INR 480 enough to satisfy two people or 2 meals together.
Places To Visit: Must visits in Bhutan include Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Haa Valley while top things to do are – Monasteries, temples, farm houses, visit to the National Memorial Chorten, Takin Zoo and Folk heritage Museum.
Suggested Duration: 6 Days and 5 Nights
Travel Calculation: Approx. INR 35,000
Interesting Tips: The only way to see the country is either by foot or by road so don’t forget to pack your walking shoes. Buses, minivans and SUV’s can take you almost anywhere in the country!

7. Indonesia

Rich in cultural heritage, visit Indonesia for its encouraging natural beauty bounded by much more!
Air Tickets: Flight expenses for a round trip could cost you approx. INR 25000 and could be lesser if booked well in advance.
Stay: Hostels in Jakarta could cost INR 700 onwards per night.
Places to Eat: Three square warung (food stall) meals can cost as little as INR 120 per meal. Dining in decent local restaurants could cost INR 500-600 per day.
Places To Visit: Make sure to visit places like – Bali, Java, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, and Sumatra. Don’t miss out on things like Bali Village cycling tour, Spa treatments at places like Anika spa, water sports, and volcano tours.
Suggested Duration: 5 Days and 4 Nights
Travel Calculation: Approx. INR 45,000
Interesting Tips: A shoestring traveler can spend as little as INR 800 per day and still explore the scenic island country! But confine yourself to selected cities as budget accommodation can be limited and also flying from one island to another is much more expensive.

8. Malaysia

shorthandmalaysiahowtobuy mr 
Think of Malaysia and you shall begin to imagine turquoise waters, stunning beaches and pleasant climate. One of the major tourist hub in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is the perfect picturesque destination you’d been waiting for.
Air Tickets: A round trip could start from INR 20,000 onwards.
Stay: You can easily find guesthouses or dormitory rooms in Kuala Lumpur starting for as low as INR 300 per night.
Places to Eat: Track down places in Kuala Lampur like Nasi Kandar Pelita , Saravanaa Bhavan, Taman Paramount Night market and so on.
Places To Visit: Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak, Pangkor, Redang Island and others places are must visits in Malaysia. While top most things to do are – Day tour to Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary, dinner along Singapore river, Chinatown Trishaw night tour, Batu Caves and temple tour, Petronas Towers.
Suggested Duration: 4 Days and 3 Nights
Travel Calculation: Approx. INR 40,000
Interesting Tips: Malaysia is a Muslim country and drinking is frowned upon, so drinking is both restrictive and expensive. Save your drinking for a better budget country.

9. Hong Kong

The former British colony perched on the shore of South China Sea offers plenty of bargains despite being famous for its glitz lifestyle. Head here for a groovy and electrifying holiday experience.
Air Tickets: If booking with a time gap of less than 2 months, the round trip could cost approx. INR 27,000.
Stay: Hostels prices start around INR 700 per night at places like HK Downtown Backpackers.
Places to Eat: While Hong Kong is generally expensive, one can save money while eating the market food, noodles and dumplings which could cost less than INR 100 at Tim Ho Wan on 2-2 Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok.
Things to do: Include hike on the famous Dragon’s Back Trail, Avenue of the stars, Hong Kong Museum of Art (entry free on Wednesday). Must visits include Lantau Island, Stanley Market, Cheung Chau island, Sai Kung.
Suggested Duration: 5 Days and 4 Nights
Travel Calculation: Approx. INR 40,000
Interesting Tips: Explore the top shopping favorites – The Temple Street Night Market and HK’s Kitschy-cool street. For a better bargain try and say this: Tai Gwai la (It’s too expensive!)

10. Myanmar

doing business in myanmar yangon
Also known as Burma, the country of Myanmar embraces multi ethnicity and culture. Further the scenic beauty of the country will leave you spell bound.
Air Tickets: The round trip to the country could cost you approximately INR 20,000 – 22,000 if booked 4-6 months in advance.
Stay: Hostels and dormitory set up accommodation starts from INR 600 onwards per night.
Places to Eat: Eating out in Myanmar is generally not so expensive and could cost approx INR 60 -100 for a simple meal at a local restaurant or teahouse.
Things to Do: Experience the Yangon’s Shwedagon Pagoda, take boat trips to Inle Lake and explore Bagan’s Thousands of temple.
Suggested Cost: The suggested cost per person per day is approximately INR 2500 which allows you to do pretty much everything in approximately INR 35,000 for a 5 day trip.
Interesting Tips: Trying the Mohinga soups in Myanmar is an essential.

11. Kenya

kenya travel.ngsversion.1503894230832.adapt.1900.1
The first thing that pops up when you think about Kenya is the exorbitant African wildlife and safaris.
Air Tickets: Located in eastern Africa, a round trip to Kenya costs approximately INR 26000 onwards if booked 4-6 months in advance.
Stay:If you book a safari, food and accommodation is likely to be included. Accommodation could range from INR 900 onwards. While food expenses per day could cost approx. INR 300.
Places to Eat: Must try in food is the Chapati, Githeri and kuku paka.
Places To Visit: The main wildlife reserve for safaris in Kenya is Masai Mara. You can arrange a tour including Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru and a day to explore the capital city of Nairobi.
Suggested Cost: Average cost per day per person is approx. INR 2700 allowing you to spend around 5 days in the country.
Interesting Tips: Do your safari research ahead of time and use only companies that are recommended. There are countless vendors and you would not want to be taken for a ride for loss!

12. Egypt

Egypt – the mum-mummy-ia place could offer a vacation for a lifetime.
Air Tickets: The costs associated with airfare start approximately INR 24,000 onwards.
Stay: You can get awesome dormitory hostels starting from as low as INR 400.
Places to Eat: Restaurants such as the Al Tekkia are clean and reasonably priced.
Places to Visit: Tourist attraction includes the Pyramids at Giza while other tourist cities include Alexandria, Aswan, the Red Sea and Sinai.
Suggested Cost: The suggested trip duration is a week while the approximate budget is INR 40,000.
Interesting Tips: The temperature is usually hot during June-August . Avoid Western Desert and Mediterranean coast if planning a trip around this time.

13. Qatar

170605160321 qatar pain full 169
the stunning beauty of the Persian Gulf, Qatar is a one of the most prismatic tourist destination amongst the Arab countries.
Air Tickets: While the tickets can cost you approximately INR 17000 if planned on time.
Stay: The accommodation could cost you approx INR 9000-10,000 for a 5 day stay in the country.
Places to Eat: The must visits include Doha, Dhal Al Misfir, Khor Al Adaid Natural Reserves and Zubarah Fort.
Things to Do: Things to do in the country include helicopter rides, beaches, dune bashing and camel rides.
Interesting Tips: December and January are the ideal months to explore the gulf area with milder, pleasant and chilly evenings.

14. United Arab Emirates

Another stunning beauty of the Arab word is the United Arab Emirates with Dubai as its most precious tourist jewel. A hub for international tourists.
Air Tickets: The flight tickets start from approximately INR 12,000 depending on the time of the year.
Stay: At the same time, the accommodation in Dubai for backpackers could cost approximately INR 2000/ night.
Places to Eat: For meals, sprinkling of local knowledge could open plenty of budget friendly options like Ravi in Al Satwa, and Zaroob.
Places to Visit: Indulge in city’s best views of Dubai Marina at night to the neck arching sight of Burj Khalifa.
Suggested Duration: The suggested time to spend your travel here is 5 nights.
Travel Calculation: Prepare to have a budget of INR 50,000 in the country.
Interesting Tips: Make use of Dubai’s recently invested rental bike scheme which allows you to rent sturdy bikes and save money on taxis.

15. Cambodia

best places to visit in cambodia
The enchanting form of cultural heritage, the country of Cambodia will leave you wanting for more with its panoramic and rustic beauty.
Air Tickets: The country also known as “Kingdom of Wonder” can be experienced in a round trip of INR 25000 onwards.
Stay: Being a cheap travel destination, an ideal accommodation for backpackers could cost as little as INR 300 per day.
Places to Eat: When traveling on budget go for the Cambodian food which is far cheaper and always quite good.
Places To Visit: The must visits include Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Otres beach and Kampot. You can travel in Cambodia on a budget of INR 2000 per day.
Suggested Cost: The recommended stay duration is a week with a budget of approximately INR 45,000.
Interesting Tips: Make sure to take a trip to the most popular beach in Cambodia- Sihanoukville

16. Turkey

turkish clothing manufacturers
You think of Turkey and the instant obvious is Istanbul which also makes it the highest famed tourist spots in the world.
Air Tickets: A round airfare trip to Turkey could cost you approximately INR 30000 – 35,000.
Stay: But well then wait the accommodation compensates for that because a dormitory/hostel costs as low as INR 500/day.
Places to Eat: The local Turkish food is the key to saving money on food such as the delicious Durum Sandwich stalls.
Places To Visit: With that being said, if you decide to have a night on the town in Beyoglu and Bosphorous, you’ll need to be a little cashed up.
Suggested Cost: Suggested stay duration is around 4 nights with an approximate budget of INR 50,000.
Interesting Tips: Break up your sightseeing between trip outside the city which fall within close proximity.

17. China

160219 china cropped
A giant tourist attracting magnet of the Asian continent is China! It boasts of being the 3rd highest visited country in the world.
Air Tickets: Well, the tickets start from INR 17,000 onwards
Stay: Backpacker hostels in Beijing could range from INR 500 onwards.
Places To Visit: The main attractions include Beijing’s Great Wall, Xi’an’s Terracotta Warriors, Shanghai’s Bund etc. The best way to hack the most of china is to hit all the sites that matter as soon as possible. Save money by traveling inter counter in a train as they 75% cheaper.
Places to Eat: Get to know the Chinese culture by indulging into the local delicacies.
Suggested Cost: Plan a trip for 5 days in a budget of approx. INR 40,000.
Interesting Tips: Don’t Tip! There is no tipping culture in China and so just take your change back everywhere you pay.

18. Taiwan

Taiwan 58b9d0fb5f9b58af5ca84819
Also known as “Formosa”, the stunning beauty of Taiwan
Air Tickets: Can be experienced with a round trip airfare of INR 25,000 – 27000.
Stay: While an accommodation can be grabbed at a price starting from INR 900
Places to Eat: The night markets in all cities take care of the food budget. kaohsiung and Tainan are blessed with night markets offering selection of mouth watering local eats.
Places to Visit: Include a trip to Taipei in the north to Tainan and kaohsiung in the South. Use the High Speed Rail for long distance travel.
Suggested Duration: You can plan a trip for 5 day
Travel Calculation: The trip could cost you approximately INR 40,000.
Interesting Tips: Some of Taiwan’s most iconic sights such as the Taroko Gorge in Hualien County are free to enjoy! Don’t miss out on this!

19. Lebanon

eced05b8f4e21a3bff2a2d92143412d7 lebanon
With the title of being one of the most ancient countries in the world, Lebanon represents rich history and diversity in its culture.
Air Tickets: Plan a trip in time and grab yourself a round trip airfare for as low as INR 23,000.
Stay: The easiest way to save money in the country is staying in a hostel. The hostel options are handful so the lowest rates start from INR 1000/night.
Places to Eat: Make street food at Babar your meal hub. Indulge into parcels of keshek or manoush (mini pizza).
Places to Visit: Visit important world heritage sites and cities like Tripoli, Batroun, Deir el Qamar and so on.
Suggested Cost: Plan a trip for 5 nights in a budget of approx INR 45,000.
Interesting Tips: Cheap food and lodging travel and entertainment could get infuriatingly hard at times in the capital city of Beirut and thus pre planning is strictly recommended.

20. Sultanate of Oman

oman palace OMAN1110
Another jewel in the Persian Gulf is, Oman with Muscat at its capital which is famed for being the second best city in the world.
Air Tickets: While the airfare round trip could cost approx. INR 18,000
Stay: One can easily locate cheap staying options on the Muttrah Corniche starting from INR 2000. Share a taxi or rent a car to get around Muscat and other important cities of the country.
Places to Eat: For food you can easily find plenty of options offering shawarma, rotisserie chicken, rice and kebabs within INR 100.
Places to Visit: Visit Muscat, Muttrah, Western Hajar and Misfat Al abreyeen.
Interesting Tips: Save a few nights hotel cost and camp out at well known tourist spots. The Capital Yacht club and Oman Dive Centre offers inexpensive day rates.
(Please note the accommodation and airfare rates indicated in the article are subject to fluctuation based on availability, date preference and other relevant factors)


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