+2 Student Killed By Her Own Brother For Using Face book & Whatsapp !!

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2 years ago

A horrific report on a plus two studying girl student getting murdered by her own brother for using Facebook excessively had took place in the Thoothukudi district of Tamil nadu. The incident created shocking waves in the state and the accused who tried to escape, got arrested by the Police officials on Wednesday.


With online classes are being conducted across the country due to the COVID 19 pandemic, almost all the school studying students are getting access to smart phones in order to attend the classes. Many cases on students getting addicted to smart phone games, committing suicide after not being able to afford a smart phone, misusing the smart phones in the pretext of attending online classes are keeps emerging in daily basis. Now, a shocking report on a guy killing his own sister for using social media platforms excessively got surfaced.

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The incident happened on the evening of Tuesday at Pasumpon Nagar, Vasavappapuram in Thoothukudi district of state Tamil nadu. Kavitha who was studying plus two was given a smart phone by her family members to study through online medium. After government announced “all pass” for +2 studying students, Kavitha continued to use the cell phone to explore the social media platforms, according to reports.

She was involved in chatting with friends and expressed excess interest in playing online games. Despite of the several warnings from the family members, Kavitha continued to be obsessed in using Whatsapp and Face book. Maalai Raja, elder brother of Kavitha condemned her and asked her avoid using cell phone. Neglecting him, Kavitha was playing online game in the evening of Tuesday.



When Maalai Raja warned her again, an argument took place between the brother and sister duo. The argument escalated and Maalai Raja, reportedly slashed his own sister with a long machete and escaped the spot. The teen girl was declared dead on spot as she suffered 10 deep slashes in her body. Police inspector Jayakumar reached the spot and directed a team to go for a search to nab Raaja.

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Maalai Raaja who was hiding at the mountains of Vallanadu was caught by the Police officials. He reportedly confessed his crime saying that he committed the murder because his sister was getting distracted from her studies and spent all the time in playing online games and involved in Face book, Whatsapp online chatting. The incident had sent shock waves in the state as Raja killed his own sister for using social media platforms which became an integral part in the daily routines of people nowadays.

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