13 Year Old Boy From Sivakasi Invests Low Cost Fire Extinguisher For Cracker Factories

A 13-yr old boy invents
cost-effective fire extinguisher !
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Jayakumar is
a class 9 student from the Government School. He’s 13 years old. His mother
works in a fireworks factory in Sivakasi who suffered burns in a fire accident.
This led the small boy a strong notion to invent a low cost fire extinguisher.
As he was
hailing from a poor family as his mother just worked for daily wages, he was
hurdled by lack of money to pursue his thought for inventing a fire
extinguisher. That’s when his science teacher, Mr Karunai Das came forward to
help him with his plan. He not only funded for the project but also encouraged
and helped him with the development.
After a
month of hard work, Jayakumar came up with a brilliant design that could work
as a sensor as well as a fire extinguisher. The device has a heat sensor which
is stimulated when the temperature goes up turning on the indicator. This
triggers an alarm, which is connected to a water tank and a motor. A sprinkler will
then be activated without delay and put out the fire.
He explained
the process with the help of a sensor and a cardboard model of a factory at the
Beyond Carlton Memorial function on February 27. He was honored with a
national award for his outstanding invention for striving hard to avoid such
fire mishappenings and protecting the lives of people.
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has also a developed a LPG gas leak sensor that works on the same principle.
This young boy has to be definitely applauded and honored for his stupendous invention
that would save many lives and keep the fire workers’ environment risk-free!

Kudos to you
little INVENTOR. Our country needs more people like you! 


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