13 Types Of Colleagues You Will Find At Work

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7 years ago

By admin

You sometimes spend more time with them than your family and better
halves. And while some might be your second best friends, some just drive you
up the wall with their antics. There’s a wide variety of colleagues to choose
from! So, which of these have you already met or are currently working with?
1. The Star Stud.

Image result for sidharth malhotra in office dress

The  eye candy of
the office, this person is the one that runs on a never ending supply of
energy, luck and right answers! Everyone hates this person but cannot help
admiring him/her secretly (or even fall in love with them).
2. The Know It All.


her hand raised for any question asked by any superior of any office, they are
unable to stop themselves from speaking before anyone else when asked for an
idea or opinion. And the overenthusiastic contributor will raise their hand
even when they don’t really have anything to contribute!
3. The Gossip Monger.


person spends more time at the coffee machine and water filter than at their
desk. They know every relationship, romance, breakup, affair story there is to
know. And they just can’t wait to tell it to you.
4. The Lapdog.

Image result for i can do it baby

guy has had the words ‘Yes Boss’ tattooed on his forearm and does not lose an
opportunity to flaunt it to anyone who matter. He smokes cause his boss does,
drinks cause his boss does and even coordinates his visit to the men’s room
with the cause, just so it would give him those extra 5 minutes with him.
5. The New Hot Intern.

CV MMARY11219780430 MARYAMS COLLECTION Craftsvilla 1

is the reason why the attendance of men in office is consistently 100% for two
months in the year. Side effects include, a sudden increase in the number of
men taking up gym memberships or running marathons, decline in productivity and
increase in the overall level of “Team Bonding Exercises”.
6. The Secretive Couple.

Image result for secret bollywood couple

office has that one budding love story that everyone else in the office knows
about…except the couple themselves! They pretend nothing is going on and also
seem to believe without a shred of doubt, that people around them are blind!
7. The Eat-o-Holic.


you ever suffer from low blood sugar, you know exactly who has the fix! That
person at the corner left desk who seems to be constantly eating! Where does
all that food come from? They keep eating when ever yo see them!
8. The Wanna-be Entrepreneur.

Image result for young entrepreneur

person wants to quit their job RIGHT NOW coz he/she wants to start something of
their own. The only problem is that this has been a dream in the making for at
least the last 20 years.

9. The Cry Baby Cribber.

Image result for frustrated face
This person has an issue with the A/C, the
Cafeteria food, the long working hours, the pay, the boss, the boss’ spouse,
the boss’ kids, his/her own family, health, the government, the bad roads, the
universe, the big bang, everything. A 5 minute conversation with this person
can depress the shit out of the rest of your day or turn you into the most
grateful person for your own life!
10. The Friend Maker.

Image result for helping others in office

know those people who think everyone is their friend? And who smile too much
and ask you too many questions and offer a shoulder where none is needed? Yup,
exactly that person you are thinking about. They take people more seriously
than work. And that is a good thing. But not when work suffers so much.

11. The

Image result for workaholic
Be it 7AM or 10 PM, you’ll always find him/her in office.
This breed never tires of hearing, “Did you even go home?”
The Excuser.

Image result for dozing off at work

This person just needs a reason to slack off work. The
pen ran out of ink? Great! No work for the day!
The Bunking Pro

Bunk office

This colleague is always on leave. You keep
wondering how they ever get their work done but deep down you’re damn jealous
of them!
then, there’s you. Who’s perfect, amazing, smart, cool and basically the best
employee your company can have. Who am i kidding?! 😀

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