13 Interesting & Mindblowing Facts That You Did Not About The HARRY POTTER Series

Facts you didn’t know
about HARRY POTTER which will leave you spellbound!

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The Harry Potter series not just made the
book worms to get addicted but literally made everyone hooked to it. And even
if one weren’t keen on the books, they would have definitely watched the
I remember
days when I was completely addicted to these books, and have read and seen the
parts more than uncountable times! And still if you ask me to do it, I’ll gladly
do it again 😉 I’m sure most of you’ll come under my category!
For all the Potter maniacs, am sure these points below
will come as a surprise. Go on, read and enjoy it!
Moaning Myrtle, the girl who lives in
the bathroom in the Harry Potter series is actually 46 years old woman!
Who knew that with her childish
behaviour and silly act that she’s actually 46 in real life :O
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Calculating Harry
age is now 34-years-old.
And guess what! JK Rowling is re-uniting all 34-yr old characters to win
over some new evil!
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Ron’s Patronus is a Jack Russell
terrier. Hermoine’s Patronus is an otter!
Terriers are known to chase otters.
Co-incidence much?! 🙂 Love does it!
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JK Rowling wanted Harry Potter to be
together with Hermione in the end.
She did write an alternate ending to the series.
Though I don’t think I would’ve liked it that way!
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Daniel Radcliffe broke more than 80
wands  and used a total of 160 pairs of
glasses while filming the Harry Potter movies.
He used the wands as drum sticks and
took away few glasses home!
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J.K. Rowling considered killing Ron
Weasley in the middle of the series, but eventually decided to let him live.
Did anyone ever notice how the Dementors
never go for Ron?
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The books you saw in Dumbledore’s
office are just the Yellow Pages rebound to look old.
Still looked nice right!
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 Maggie Smith who played Professor McGonagall  battled cancer while filming the last movie
because she didn’t want to disappoint fans.
She overcame the cancer and won our
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Hogwarts headache is a medical term
used for headache caused by reading huge volumes of book for a long time!
Now I know what I’m suffering from 😛
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Only Alan Rickman  who played Professor Snape, knew his
character’s fate before the release of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”!
Rowling told and explained the significance of his character.
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Tom Felton auditioned for the roles
of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, but was chosen to play Draco Malfoy instead.
Oh my poor Draco,
but you suited this role so well!
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When the filming of the kissing scene
between the horcrux versions of Harry and Hermione took place, Rupert Grint was
removed from the set for laughing too much.
I guess
he was plain jealous actually!
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The first Harry Potter book was
published in 1998, the same year the final Battle of Hogwarts was fought.
Rowling has said, “I open
at the close”.
Just wow, this surely left me with Goosebumps.
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will always run in our blood and well, I hope these points made sure to
make you fall off your broomsticks and crave for some butter beer ASAP! 😉


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