12 Ridiculous Photos That People Must Stop Posting On Social Media !!


Sharing photos on social media is the one trend that really stuck. The way we communicate is very visual now. Instagram is brimming with millions and millions of posts every single day. We’ve seen all possible kinds of poses and challenges, filters and gimmicks. A lot of them made waves and looked real good. But I can’t say the same about some fads. Like the ones listed below. Most of them make me cringe, mostly. Even though they caught up real fast, they don’t make much sense and are definitely not flattering. So, We’d like to mention a few of them to put my point across.

1. The Duck Face


Yeah, that’s exactly how it looks when someone pulls that stupid a face. How do people believe that this looks attractive? Can someone justify me in what way it made your face beautiful? Is a duck that pride to be imitated of ?

2. Food Photos

Your food will be frozen by the time you’re done choosing the perfect picture and adding 20 odd filters to it. Just eat it. Is it that necessary to showcase what you are eating ??

 3. Pseudo Artsy Shots

Nope. I’m not buying that. It doesn’t resemble art from any angle. Why you try so hard?

4. Love Quotes

Seriously ?? . . Still ?? Man, Grow up . . If you want to express your feelings towards her/him just go express it. why showcasing it to everyone. I mean she/he will understand if he/she loves you back, why embarrassing everyone around you with your stupid love quotes?

5.Semi-Naked Bathroom Selfies

Thank you for not taking all your clothes off, I guess. I mean, I’d totally understand and even hit ‘like’ if you were chilling on a beach. Heck, I’d leave a nice comment. But why the hell am I seeing a semi-clad you in a bathroom with ugly tiles and used towels in the background? You really don’t give a shit about privacy, do you? So turning off.

6.Religious Sayings

What is this, your faith group? People aren’t following you to have your beliefs forced onto them. No disrespect to one’s religion, but such excessive devotion to God on social media can be surprisingly annoying and sometimes, out of line.

7. Collages

What are you, 10 years old? Why are you trying to cram everything in one grid? Get rid of those stupid collage making apps, dude. Try to make do with just one photo, perhaps? That way, you’ll have more space in your phone too. Stop making collages unless it is your graduation day.

8. Sleeping Selfie

The only person you’re fooling is yourself. You want us to witness your nap time charm? I laugh at you. I mock you. Wake up sleepy head, and smell the coffee. You are not actually sleeping right? then why a photo like you are sleeping ?? Open your eyes and see reality.


Your about-to-go-in-for-a-kiss pout is in place and you lean in, freezing right as your lips touch the person’s face while giving the camera a slant gaze. Then you wait for the flash to go off a few times. Then you run to the phone and pick the image with your best side profile. Dang! Job done. You post your declaration of love and go home. Cute.

10.Over sharing

Is that a big bruise on your knee? A hickey on your neck? Damn. That stuff is personal, bro! No one ever told you that?

11. Gym Selfies

No. No. NO. Don’t show me your sweaty abs, flexing biceps and work out wear. Not interested. You’re getting fit n’ sexy? Great for you, love. But just please stop posing in front of the mirror and get back on that treadmill. Do what you’re at a gym for.

12. Too Many Philosophical/Inspirational Quotes

 Take your sanity elsewhere and throw it at someone who cares. I’m not in the mood for your emo shit. Life is hard. We know. Stop preaching already. You ain’t my spiritual guru. And you’re not telling me anything new.



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