12 of our favorite actors who became stars by accident!!

Actors who landed in
Films and became famous by accident!

We’ve heard
stories of celebs who rant about how hard they tried to land a role in the film
industry and how much they struggled to become big and famous. And then there
are the lucky ones who were just at the right place at the right time to get
their launch into stardom.
Let’s have a
look at those lucky ones who made it into the movie industry by just an “ACCIDENT”.

1. Johnny Depp

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This one’s a
pure ‘luck and looks’ work. He accompanied one of his friends to an audition.
However the director spotted him and gave a few lines to read from the script. Looking
dashing and nailing the script on point, he got the lead role!
2. Marilyn Manroe

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She was
working in an ammunition factory back then. A military photographer took her
picture for a magazine and was bowled over by seeing her brilliant features. He
immediately pointed this to her and a star was born right then!
3. Harrison Ford

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A skilled carpenter
by profession he was making cabinets for George Lucas. Seeing his built
physique and looks, he immediately gave a role for Harrison!
4. Channing Tatum

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Just a
normal boy, he was spotted by a model scout. He made him pose for some famous
brands and Tatum ultimately landed up in Pepsi and Vogue. From there, his
filming career rocketed!
5. Natalie Portman

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This story,
we would wish it would happen to us too! She was eating pizza at a restaurant,
when a Revlon representative asked her to become a model. She passed on the
offer and said she likes to make it to the filming industry!
6. Chris Patt

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He was just
an odd jobs worker and went to Hawaii when he got a ticket from his friend. To
make his ends meet, he worked as a bartender there. One director who happened
to be there, saw him and gave his first role!
7. Pamela Anderson

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Just after
graduation she went to Vancouver to become a fitness instructor. She attended a
Football league there and appeared in the big video screen. That exposure and
attention got her modelling contract which later lead to do films.
8. Ashton Kutcher

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engineering and doing odd jobs to pay his fees, he worked as a carpenter and
farm labourer. One day he was at a bar when a model scout approached him and
encouraged him to take part in a model competition. He participated and won it.
He then landed as a model in Calvin Klein and then started his career in films.
9. Charlize Theron

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She was 18
and a fresh model living on pay checks. One day when she went to the bank to
cask in her last pay check, she was refused by the banker. She lost her shit
and started creating a scene there. An agent who was present there, helped her
out and gave his card for her acting lessons. Rest we know what happened!
10. Vin Diesel

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college, he was struggling to become an actor. He made a documentary on struggling
actors. It was a hit and was screened in Cannes. That ultimately impressed
Steven Speilburg and offered him a role!
11. Jennifer Lawrence

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Who thought
vacationing could land you in stardom!! Well, JLaw went to New York for her vacation.
She was approached by an agent to pose for a picture. She was flooded with
calls from a lot of agents subsequently and landed in films!
12. Will Smith

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The handsome
stud was a rapper. He was casually asking direction in a street to a stranger.
But that stranger happened to be the Vice President of Warner Bros. Studio and
he casted him in his series!

Well, you never know when opportunity
will knock your door, do you?! 😉


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