10 Interesting Things You Can Do In Chennai With ₹ 500 In Your Pocket

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Chennai is a big city, but it isn’t a boring one. Sure it’s hot and humid and mostly a dry state (if you’re reading this, it really isn’t all that bad) but there’s still a ton of thins to see and do here. And what’s more is it’s not really that expensive either, given that you go to the right places. Here we go with a list of suggestions to enjoy a day in Detroit of Asia if all you have is Rs. 500 in your pocket (a bachelor’s life).

10. Hit a movie

One of the most famous things about Chennai is that no cinema theatre can charge you above Rs. 120 to watch a show. I don’t know if it’s all that well known but even the Imaxs’ have to follow this rule. Now that’s a pretty sweet deal.

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9. Travel to IIT

Check out the IIT campus, if you’re new to the city and just want to sight see. It’s a magnificent place to just be in, not to mention the peace and quiet. If you’re a nerd, you can visit the campus too. And there are a few places to eat right outside the main entrance, All in all, should only cost you about 400 including travel.

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8. Check out the Museum

Chennai’s (or rather Madras’) museum happens to be one of the oldest museums in India. It has a historic compilation of data which goes unmatched and displays everything from the ordinary to the bizarre. All you need is the entry fee. A trip there shouldn’t be more that Rs. 100.

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7. Take a trip to Mahabs

A small stop at the T-Nagar bus stand, a hop onto the 599 Volvo and you’re on your way to Mahabalipuram, one of the hottest tourist spots in Chennai. It has a beautiful beach, a watch tower you can climb, the caves where the Pandavas meditated and some other cool stuff. Shouldn’t cross the 500 limit if you throw in food.

Take a trip to Mahabs Chennai Memes Website

6. Paintball

Looking for an adrenalin rush? Then strap on those guards, load your guns and fire away! Paintball clocks in at Rs. 150 per head but there’s nothing better than the sound of your friend in agony as he gets hit by the vegetable dye that might make him cry.

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5. Drinks at Park Pod

A little evening buzz is always welcome. Head on over to Park Pod for happy hours between 6 and 11 p.m. to experience heavenly offers on alcohol. Beware though, the food isn’t cheap. But that’s a marketing tactic. You just have to be strong. An average boozer shouldn’t exceed Rs. 400.

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4. Get your Game on at Blur

If you’re a gamer, look no further than Blur. It’s a state of the art gaming destination created to fulfill your geeky fantasies. They have PCs, X-boxes, PS4s, Wii’s and an entire arcade. Select wisely and you could have a blast under 500.

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3. A trip to the Zoo

The Vandalur Zoo is one of the most famous attractions of Chennai. You’ll get to see a ton of animals you haven’t come across. Plus, they even allow you to rent a cycle and roam around, and it’s dirt cheap (both the cycle and entry). It won’t cost you more than Rs. 150, including travel (metro).

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2. Hajji Ali’s

Looking for a quiet snack place with excellent desserts? Then Hajji Ali’s is your place. It’s relatively cheap but delivers on quality and quantity. Most dishes are priced at Rs. 100 each. Even if you order 4 dishes, it may not jump your budget, and you’ll be a fat, happy little kid again.

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1. Chill at the Beach

Always the biggest tourist spots, the beaches are the place to be, especially since it won’t cost you a thing. Marina used to be the most popular one but because of littering and harsh regulations, people have turned to Besant Nagar Beach for solace. Grab a train to Guindy, a share auto to Adyar and an auto to the beach. In all, it’ll cost less than 200 for a round trip to visit one of the most happening places in this voluptuous city.

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