10 Worst Things Every Girls Do But Never Accept Them In Public.. Hilarious!


First of all.. This article was written in a first person’s perspective.. Only being a girl will help others understand how every other girls are!

So let’s begin..

1. Adult movies….Yes, most of us watch adult movies but NEVER accept.


2. And of course, adult movies of homosexual women too! It’s no big deal but if we start accepting it, guys will start creating their own theories such as this one: “every girl fantasizes about her female friends.”

3. Not washing our bras until they start smelling like a dead fish. YES, as long as it doesn’t stink. it’s wearable.

4. We touch ourselves even if we have a boyfriend.


5. And well, it’s a normal thing but girls do pick their noses..NOT in public because after all, we are ladies.

6. We smell ourselves..Armpits, sock and undergarments. You name it! We are no less than boys in this case.

7. We don’t take showers regularly. Some of us even skip weekends.



8. Talking about weekends, we don’t wash our faces even once no matter how oily it is.

9. NEVER cleaning our combs.

10. Ripping off dead skin from our lips is our favourite habit.

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