10 Things Every Boyfriend Hate About Their Girlfriend.. Must Read Relationship Guide for Singles !

Men love women for many things. Though your boyfriend might be head over heels in love with you, there are a few things that annoy the shit out of them. Girls, often do not notice these things and make the mistake of annoying their boyfriends.
Here’s a list that every guy wishes to tell his girlfriend not to do. Girls please take a note of it..
1. Nagging
Guys hate it when a girl nags on them too much. He dislikes it when she keeps checking up on him, complaining to him and acting demanding. He wants his own space too, and doesn’t appreciate her breathing down his neck.
2. Taking too long to get ready
When a guy tells a girl that he will pick her up in 5 minutes, he expects her to be ready by then. However, what usually happens is that she takes a lot longer than expected and he gets impatient. A girl who takes too long comes across as insecure of herself.
3. Getting mad at them for no apparent reason
Guys hate it when girls get mad at them and they don’t even know why. Girls are usually more passive than guys, so they may not tell guys directly why they are upset. Guys hate having to pick up on all her subtle hints.
4. Stalking people
Girls are really good at finding information about other people through Facebook and their other reliable sources. Call it a gift. While guys find this both impressive and creepy, they
don’t appreciate their activity secretly being monitored by her.
5. Being too dramatic
Guys hate it when a girl acts like a drama queen. You know the type, the one that makes a big deal out of everything, especially the little things. Guys think that overly dramatic girls
are attention-seeking and carry a lot of baggage with them.
6. Disrespecting his passion



When girls make fun of the passions that their boyfriends hold then it surely makes them
very angry and they try to make distance from them.
7. Being Over possessive
They would prefer space in relationship. It would not be liked by him at all if his
girlfriend prohibits from socializing. It is his life and you can’t stop him from talking to someone else. Also, it would make him furious about the fact that you are suspecting too much.
8. Doing the same mistake
If he had explained you that he don’t like certain things but you still do them, then it is surely going to make him angry to the maximum. In order to have a healthy relationship you need to take care of his likes and dislikes.
9. Trying to change him
Men don’t hate it when their girlfriends try to change them, but they hate it when their
girlfriends start pushing them away from what they like and force them into doing something they absolutely hate.
10. Being too clingy or too independent
Men don’t want their girlfriends to be clingy and yet, they don’t want them to be too
independent. But it does make sense if you think about it. Some girlfriends want their boyfriends in their arms no matter what they’re doing, while some don’t bother calling their boyfriends even if they’re packing their bags to another country.



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