10 Struggles Only People In Long Distance Relationship Can Understand

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7 years ago

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You always hear the usual story. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. They either have a happy ending or fate comes in to play a game between them. But, when couples have to face long distance tenure, all hell breaks loose.
The dreadful day approaches. They’re at the airport, time is running low. There are tears, sloppy kisses and endless promises that they will get through it no matter what! One leaves. One stays and how much ever you try an cope, let me put this in bold –
long-distance relationships seriously suck!
Well, yes, your love grows, you become surer of your relationship, you pass hard times and can’t wait to rejoin with the love of your life, but, but, the struggles you have to undergo is simply unbearable. So here are 10 things LDR couples undergo, that probably you aren’t aware of…
1. You are in for an emotional roller coaster ride.
Some days will be fine. You’ll just do all the usual stuff — go to work, catch up with friends. But there will be terrible days too. Days when you don’t want to get out of bed or do
anything meaningful, except for embracing your pain and loneliness. You’ll go from moments of tremendous joy together to hopelessly depressing thoughts on the night.

2. Your phone and laptop are the most important things in life now.

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You will keep talking for hours and fall asleep with your beloved’s face on the screen. The first thing you’ll grab in the morning is your phone to check if they’ve already sent you a sweet “Morning, sunshine!” text. You’ll put your laptop next to your plate so you can
have dinner together. You’ll also get to know all the latest video, chat apps, all designed for couples who are apart.

3. Time will be your ultimate enemy

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When you are together, you’ll savor each and every moment. You’ll plan to do all those amazing super-romantic couple things, or simply enjoy the warmth of actual hugs as long as possible. Yet, you will never get enough time. But once apart, you’ll simply wish the clock ran faster.

4. There will be all sort of memory triggers that will cause you to randomly cry

You thought you were emotionally strong and handle things easily. You will be proved wrong. Numerous times. Trust me on this. Just thinking about one single memory with them will bring a huge smile on your face, followed by the unstoppable tears.

5. It won’t get easier in time

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Even if you think you can get used to being apart and are now keep waiting for when things get easier, they won’t. No matter how long you are in a long-distance relationship, you always miss your significant other like crazy.

6. You learn to live in a twisted reality

They’re never there, but they’re all yours. It will always be an odd feeling. When you have your life of your life and yet they aren’t right next to you now. You spend too much time inside your head replaying all those sweet moments spent together, having all those
daydreams and conversations.

7. Your friends won’t be as supportive as you expect

Sure yes, your friends will be supportive initially. They know you’re going through a phase and will comfort you. But as days go, they will fail to understand that your pain of missing your love will never fade. It won’t matter to them as much as it matters to you.

8. Long distance makes you feel lonely

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Your partner won’t be around every time you desperately need them, not on one of those “bad days” when you have another mental breakdown. Not on those days when you fail and need more support that any sweet words on Skype can convey.

9. Finding the time to visit is complicated

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You won’t be able to come and visit each and every weekend or month as you originally intended to. You still have different and conflicting commitments holding you back.  And unless booked months in advance flights cost a pretty penny and get insanely expensive during holidays and vacation seasons.
10. You become sure of your relationship
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As a couple you will develop this invisible,bulletproof bond. It will carry you through all sort of arguments and life difficulties. After all, if you survive the long-distance thing, everything else from then on will seem easily manageable!
It’s not as easy as it seems, being in a long distance relationship. It takes more trust, faith, effort and the heart to stay committed and still be crazily in love with your better half. Feeling the pain stab your heart each day can be very emotionally hurting, but believe truly in your love and you can survive it.
Happy ever after and a strong beautiful life to all those who are in a long distance
relationship! You guys rock 🙂

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