10 Strongly Written Female Characters In Tamil Cinema Ever !!

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Tamil cinema is known as a male dominated industry and there’s always a complain about female actors lasting a small span of time as heroines whereas heroes goes on to play lead until 70. One can’t deny the fact that the makers of Tamil cinema didn’t put enough effort to bring female characters to screen that women could relate, discuss or debate over about comparing to what they did with male characters so far.

However, a very few Tamil filmmakers had pushed the boundary and tried their best to write female characters that are not only strong enough but also real. On this special occasion of International women’s day, let’s have a look at the 10 strongly written female characters in Tamil cinema.

10. “Muthazhagu” in Paruthuveeran :

Not just because Priyamani won national award for playing that character but “Muthazhagu”, in the measuring scale, goes to the extreme to pursue the love of her life which most girls would do if they think that they met the love of their life. She is pretty in her own way, her emotions are raw and one couldn’t deny that “Muthazhagu” is one of most original female character that Tamil cinema has ever seen.


9. “Divya” in Mouna Raagham :

The character played by veteran actress Revathy in the Manirathnam directorial is much more real and true as far as how Tamil women would see their life is concerned. She who has her own flaws, falls in love again after losing the love of her life in front of her eyes. Revathi done justice to “Divya”, one of the very well written female characters of Tamil cinema, in a perfect way.


8.”Sowmya” in Kandukondein Kandukondein :

Considering herself as a cursed individual, the insecurities Sowmya, played by Tabu showed is not only Sowmya but most of us. She who is best in hiding her emotions, is ambitious and intense like the every struggling woman whom we see in the house raised by a mother.

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7. “Jessie” in VTV :

Jessie don’t watch films. She wears simple plain clothes and won’t wear much make up. She never shouts and would walk right away if you say anything she doesn’t like. She lives in her own world which is surrounded by her family members and she always would be worried about what her family would think/say about her decisions. She loves Karthick with all her heart but ends up marrying a different guy just for the sake of her toxic father. If you got reminded about any of the girl you know in real life while reading this, that’s the success for the writing of character Jessie, played by Trisha.


6. “Vembu” in Super Deluxe :

“Vembu” is one the best written characters in Tamil cinema ever. She nearly kills her boyfriend while secretly having sexual intercourse with him after marrying someone else. Yes, she is a flawed, immoral, greedy individual. Ain’t we all ??


5. “Ponni” in Iraivi :

Ponni’s husband doubts her of accepting a sexual relationship offered by his friend while he was spending jail sentence and questions her about the same. Despite of not doing anything that sort, Ponni refuses to answer and wants him to live with her only if he could forget without hearing the answer for it. Karthick Subbaraj deserves the appreciation for being able to see what women are going through in the world that is dominated by men.


4. “Yamini” In Mayakkam Enna :

Again, not because Yamini acts as a rehabilitation centre for Karthik who gets affected mentally after a point but the way she stays true to herself grabbed her a spot in this list. After marrying her boyfriend’s best friend, Yamini gets judged and also finds herself in a situation where she can seek help from no one, including from the man whom she loved the most but she chooses to stay. Not so many female characters in Tamil cinema got these many layers so far.


3. “Mathi” in Irudhi Suttru :

In this “Million Dollar Baby” kinda sports film, Mathi represents all the women who carry a passion in their heart and looking for ways to pursue it. Breaking the stereotypes on how a Tamil female should behave in real life, Mathi, a wild, flamboyant girl, falls in love with an older man. Not sure how it would have turned out if someone else gave life to Mathi instead of Sudha Kongara.


2. “Manju” in Aval Appadithaan :

No matter when you see this film which was released in the year 1978, it will always be ahead of that time as all the characters written in the film were the “strongest”. The role played by Sripriya as “Manju” is a masterclass on how detailed a woman character in a film on “relationships” should be. Manju, a woman who went through a number of failed relationships, is hard to understand, harder to get in terms with.


1. “Subbu” Aranya Kandam :

Subbu says “Sappayum oru Aambala Thaan, Ellaa Amblaingalum Sappa Thaan” and goes on to add “The best thing about being a woman is that it’s a man’s world” in the end of the film. Ain’t she deserves the first spot for this perception alone? The Thyagaraja Kumararaja’s hyperlink crime drama conveys so many aspects of men including about the “softer one”, ” rugged one”, “cunning one” throughout the film only to conclude that a woman is the protagonist of the film.


Comment your favourite female characters that were featured in Tamil cinema!!


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