10 Solid Reasons That Proves Guys Are Better At Friendship Than Girls !! You Just Can’t Deny Ladies !!

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CM / Updated: 2016-06-22
08:15 IST

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We have always wondered how men are able to maintain friendship effortlessly isn’t it.
We have to accept they are better at it than women. While women may share a personal
bond with their bestie, it is men who nail the long term friendship goals.
And here are a few reasons why men make are better at friendship  than women..
1. Holding each others’ back
No matter what, and they mean this, they will always have your back. In times of need,
men will be there to take care of the situation with you.
2. They follow the Bro-Code
dhoni raina walk
They have unsaid rules that they follow like a Bible. They don’t even have to communicate
about it but they just do it.
3. Giving space as needed.
Women want to know everything about what’s happening in their friend’s life. But men don’t do that. They give the personal space and never interfere.
4. No expectations.
thalaWhile women do pamper their friends with love and gifts, they expect that in return.
Whereas men, never expect anything for the things they do.
5. Forgive and Forget easily
Men forgive easily and forget the whole issue sooner. One minute they will be fighting and
the next minute you can see them laughing together. But women, though they
forgive will never forget what happened.
6. Absolutely no bitching.
Even when they don’t like other men, they will never ever back talk about them. There’s
no place for backstabbing or bitching about like women.
7. Confront and fight it off.
Women tend to pile up things and on one fine day burst it out. Whereas men will confront
when they an issue, even if its a fist fight, but will finish it off for once
and for all. no carrying over.
8. They are not judge-mental
Image result for nanban movie
Once they get along with someone, they never judge them for anything. As long as they can stay friends and have fun, it’s all cool for them.
9. Strictly no jealousy
­­­­­­They might be a little jealous on matters like job, car, girlfriend and the like but never on petty things like dress, haircut or fashion sense. Women do tend to mind if another woman looks prettier than her.
10. Doing crazy things together
santanam with simbu
Men are more inclined to do crazier stuff when they are together. women do too, but it is
just that it is easier for men to go crazy and be partners-in-crime for life.
Men are easy going, fun to be with, takes risk for your happiness, never ditches, have less drama and more fun. And it is only natural that men’s friendship are casual and much better than that of women!

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