10 Secrets About Flying On Airplanes We Bet You Didn’t Know Before

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CM / Updated: 2016-06-25
09:41 IST

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Even if you’re a frequent flyer, there are a lot of
secrets that only the pilots and flight staff know. These are a few shocking truths about
flying, that will make you think twice before flying again.
1. The headphones given in a flight :
The headsets that are given to you are not new,
despite being wrapped up. They are taken off the flight, cleaned, and then
packaged again.

2. Pilots
just sleep most of the time :

Image result for pilots sleeping mid flight
Most of the time during your flight, the pilots are
sleeping. It’s been found that 1/2 of pilots sleep while flying and 1/3 of the
time one has woken up to find that their partner is also asleep.

3. The
truth about oxygen masks:

The truth of oxygen masks is that once they drop down,
you only have about 15 minutes of oxygen supply. Luckily, 15 minutes is more
than enough time for the pilot to take the plane to a lower altitude with
breathable air.

4. Why
planes dim the lights when landing:


When a plane
is landing at night, they dim the lights just in case there needs to be an
emergency evacuation upon landing. This helps your eyes adjust to the darkness,
so that you can find your way once outside of the plane.

5. The
truth about turning off your electronic devices:

Image result for turn off your electronic device in flights
Having to turn off electronics on a plane is totally
useless.Mobile electronic devices won’t really bring an airplane down but they
can be really annoying to pilots. Just imagine sitting in the flightdeck
descending to your destination and hearing the interference of a 100+ cellphones
picking up a signal.

6. Drinking
water on the plane:

Do not EVER drink water on an aircraft that did not
come from a bottle. Don’t even TOUCH IT. The reason being the ports to purge
lavatory shit and refill the aircraft with potable water are within feet from
each other and sometimes serviced all at once by the same guy.

7. Even
if you’re drinking coffee or tea:

cup of coffee on airline tray 103402

The cups they
use to serve you are never washed properly. They are just carelessly washed and
pored coffee into and served for you.

8. About
the lavatory locks:


There is
usually a lock mechanism concealed behind the no smoking badge on the door.
Just lift the flap up and slide the bolt to unlock.

9. How
pilots approach a landing:


When you
experience a hard landing in bad weather it wasn’t because of a lack of pilot
skills but it is in fact intentional. If the runway is covered in water the
airplane has to touch down hard in order to puncture the water layer and
prevent aqua planing.

10. More
pilot secrets:

Image result for pilots eating during flight

Just because
you’re flying with a big airline, doesn’t mean the pilots are experienced. 2 pilots are served different meals and
cannot share, this is done in case of food poisoning.

 So the next time you take a flight, you know what to do!! 

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