10 Reasons Why Nokia 1100 is any Day Better Than Smart Phones

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7 years ago

By admin

People are switching their phone to Android, but here are some benefits that why you need to stick with Nokia 1100.

1) You will save a lot of money because you won’t need Internet pack and mobile accessories.

1 4

2) Nokia 1100 phones are really easy to handle due to its small size.

2 23

3) These phones are really cheap. You could save many thousand bucks from buying those big smartphones.

3 17

4) You could take out more time for your friends and family rather spending time on WhatsApp or any other social media.

4 18

5) You don’t have to worry when you drop your phone because Nokia 1100 doesn’t break into pieces.

nokia 1100

6) A place without WiFi won’t bother you.

6 24

7) You could able to make more friends than adding up more strangers on your Facebook profile.

7 20

8) It is more durable than any other phone.

8 24

9) You can say NO to touch screen problems.

9 25

10) The most important thing: battery. You will never run out of battery.

10 17

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