10 Quotes Of Swami Nithyanantha Which Is Will “SHOCK” You Right Away !!

Swami Nithyananda has an understanding of life and universe, that people like you and me can only hope to achieve.

You have a doubt? You should not. Just take a look at what the swami said during one of his pravachans, recently.

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Now, who could have thought about this? Not me, for sure.


Here are other gems like these from the guru and supreme leader that will quench your thirst for knowledge and challenge every notion that the society and education system has taught you to believe in.


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*Fermi paradox is contradiction between lack of evidence and high probability that aliens exist.


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*Hirataki being an ayurvedic medicine.


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What do you think on these quotes of him , let us know !!

Originally Published In Schoop Whoop. 


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