10 Non-Alcoholic Beers That You Must Try !! No Need To Hangover Hereafter !!

If you’re not a fan of alcohol, but suffer through a lot of FOMO while your friends chug beers, here are a few alternatives for you which are non-alcoholic.


There are breweries and brands that are actually making good alcohol-free beers, so you can have a good time.

1. Clausthaler

This German non-alcoholic beer is like a breath of fresh air. With balanced flavours, it has a creamy texture and bittersweet aftertaste.

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2. Erdinger

Erdinger’s version of non-alcoholic beer has a sweet tinge to it. The plus side to this beverage is that it is actually low on calories.

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3. Coors

A much sweeter drink, this beer serves as a good alternative to soft beverages.

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4. Bavaria

Bavaria’s range of non-alcoholic beers is the closest to beer, in terms of taste. Slightly fruity, this beer leaves you with a pleasant bitter-sweet aftertaste.

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5. New Barloo

New Barloo comes in a variety of flavours and is brewed for five to six days to ensure the best quality and taste.

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6. Estrella Damm

Low on calories, this non-alcoholic beer tastes exactly like light beer with a very crisp and balanced bitterness flavour.

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7. O’Doul’s

This beer is fermented and matured to its full capacity. The alcohol content is then removed through distillation which helps it retain the real beer-like flavour to it.

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8. Coolberg

It comes in six fruity flavours which are refreshing and sweet, almost like fruit juices. A popular local brand, it is a must try.

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9. Ossoro fruit beer

Made with a blend of exotic fruits and real spices, this fruit beer has a unique taste. No added preservatives, it is also low on calories.


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10. Warsteiner

This beer comes with a bready aroma and light taste. It also leaves a fresh sweet aftertaste on your palette.

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Everybody’s a non-drinker sometimes!

Happy drinking!


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