10 Laws And Rights In India That You Must Be Aware Of To Survive !!


There are some practical interesting laws in India that Indians are mostly not aware of. In this article we’ll share  information about some laws and rights and bring closer to you some facts that might be beneficial for you in the future.

1. Married couple cannot adopt two children the same sex

If you have a son and you are looking to adopt another… well you cannot. According to Hindu adoption and maintenance act of 1956, married couple cannot adopt two children the same sex.

2. Women can lodge complains through emails

A woman can lodge complains via an email or registered post to deputy commissioner or commissioner of police if she is unable to go to police station

3. Any individual is free to drink and use washroom at any hotel

According to Indian Sarais Act, 1867. any individual can ask for water free of charge from any hotel at any time for themselves and their pets.

4. Give a public notice when buying immovable property

While immovable property (flat or land), giving a public notice in the newspaper is a must. It doesn’t matter which one.

5. You cannot register a petition for divorce within a year of marriage

Under section 14 of Hindu marriage act 1955, a couple cannot register a petition for divorce within a year of marriage.

6. If your cylinder explodes you are entitled to Rs 40 lakh cover

Many of us are unaware that domestic LPG consumers are entitled to a cover of Rs. 40 lakh in case of loss of life or damage to property due to cylinder explosion.

7. If you have been fined once in the day you may be excused after that

If you get fine for some reason or another, don’t worry, next fine won’t be charged to you. However, we hope you won’t misuse this to break more laws.

8. Live in relationships are not illegal in India

According to law, couple can live together without getting married. On the other hand, older generations can judge you for doing that as Indian tradition requires live in only after marriage. As Indian is getting more western life style, this is not an issue in society as before and it is more acceptable.

9. Equal pay to men and women

Article 39(D) of Constitution of India grants equal pay to men and women at their work places. This is amazing law as all over the world women are fighting for their rights to be payed and treated equally in working environment.

10. Only female officers can escort women to the police station

Not only male officers have no right to escort a women but she can refuse to go to the police station between 6 pm to 6 am.

We hope this knowledge can make your life more convenient or you can even benefit from it in some cases. Nevertheless, keep yourself updates about your rights as knowledge is power and it affects your life in any case


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