10 Hilarious Tamil GoT Memes That Every Fan Can Relate to!!

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7 years ago

By admin

Game of
Thrones, has been nothing less of a lifestyle for us right from the beginning
the series started. Now almost 7 episodes has been aired and just 3 left. We
don’t know how this season is gonna end, but we sure have some Tamil Memes
exclusively for you all 😛
1. When The
White Walkers are coming and Jon is so baffled thinking what to do – Guess he
can learn how to tackle from our Vadivelu 😛
13410840 10208876085246864 1763227375 o
2. Daenerys
waiting for Drogon to take her home! (Where are my dragonsssss??)
13410334 10208876085086860 1683418265 o
3. That
heart breaking moment when guys saw Melissandre taking off her necklace – Kill
me now ;(
13351026 10208876084766852 1834858817 o
4. Best
dealing made ever in GoT.. (inda polapuku..)
13351253 10208876090326991 2065814895 o
5. Never
waited for a death to happen more than this.. kill the Bastard!
13383620 10208876084406843 1063452002 o
6. A girl
has no name.. Ena ma per vaika maatingala ma 🙁
13389108 10208876084526846 1365831286 o
7. Sansa
getting screwed between Petyr and Ramsay! ( I wish they have a horrible death
13405555 10208876085206863 912219234 o
8. When you
are back from the dead(college) and don’t wana work anymore!
13413933 10208876084446844 430939853 n
9. Getting
beaten by a dwarf but you need to act cause you’re The King 😛
13351028 10208876085606873 531362863 o
Disappointment level : 10000000000 (tell me this is just a dream)
13405172 10208876084966857 1620339921 o
All the GoT
fans can relate to this and have a laughter riot. It’s some epic shit, these
memes, aren’t they? 😀

Well, Winter
Is Coming! (ahann.. thambi innum tea varala ..)

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