10 Funny Things That Happen To You After Watching A Horror Movie

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7 years ago

By admin

You plan to watch the newly released horror movie. Or your
friend pulls you to one of the gory movies to watch along with them and you
just end up being in the theatre. Or you might even plan to watch one, curled
up on your bed, switching off the lights on a Saturday night. You start
laughing initially but then by the time the movie gets over, it’s a totally
different feeling altogether!
Here are the funny things that happen after you finish
watching a horror movie…
1. You secure your

Image result for closing windows after watching a horror movie

You double check if you have locked all doors and windows,
shut the curtains properly and even check under your bed once!
2. You watch a comedy
movie to calm your nerves

Image result for watching mr bean

Watching Mr. Bean will definitely help you out.
3. You sleep with the
lights on

Image result for sleeping with the lights on

Darkness? What’s darkness. You sleep with the full lights
4. You stop your mid-night

Image result for no midnight snacking

One big sacrifice you have to, no scratch that, one big
sacrifice you are forced to make. You don’t want to run into ghosts, do you?
5. You will never
look at small objects the same way again

Image result for annabelle

Rocking chairs, cupboards, even dolls scare the hell out of
6. You find 3 am to
be the worst time of the night

Image result for conjuring 3:07 am

Thanks to Conjouring,
you pray that you are never awake at this hour of the night
7. You think every
sound you hear is from a potential murderer

Image result for funny things to happen after watching a horror movie

The smallest sound from your fan, the creek of the door, a
dog hounding somewhere, everything creeps you out.
8. You start to fear
the bathroom mirror

Image result for mirror horror movie

All the times you have seen someone else starring back at
you from a mirror, or someone standing behind, in a movie, you dare not go and
look at yourself in a mirror at night.
9. You want to get
under the blanket and cover before anyone can get you

Image result for fear of horror movies getting under the blanket

All the nights followed by watching a horror flick, you run
to bed after switching off the light and cover yourself till head, isn’t it?
10. You are relieved
when morning finally comes

Image result for sunrise from bed

You thank all the Gods and your stars for surviving the
night when the sun finally comes out!

Now that you know these, go watch another ghost movie and
have a peaceful sleep 😛

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