10 Food Related Scenes In That Made Our Mouth Water !!! You Just Can’t Deny !!

CM / Updated: 2018-03-17
16:20 IST

10. Neppolean in “Karisa Kaattu Poove”



Not the food but the way he rescues his own food and demonstrates with other’s food about how to eat live healthy. That surely will tempt us to eat food like the way he did it.

9. Prabhu in “PaanjalanKurichi”


Not sure how many of you have seen this particular scene. Prabhu will eat 10+ women’s food and will do all their works single handedly. One of the best heroism done in Tamil Cinema. That thing he holds in hand, don’t you want to eat food in that kind of leaf.?

8. Shivaji Ganesan in “Muthal Mariyathai”

muthal maryathai


This scene a treat for non-vegetarians to watch. A benchmark scene on how to eat fish without hurting it.

7. Ranjith in “Pasupathi”


“Urundai Choru”.. Mouth started watering ??.. This is an old trick that is used in rural side of Tamilnadu to provide equal amount of food to all the brothers and sisters in the same family. This trick is widely used in joint families to cope the lack of food.

6. Vikram in “Sethu”


“Nei Murukku”.. The way Vikram explains about the Nei Murukku to his friend which is gave by his love, my mouth desperately yearned for it but unfortunately got no chance to taste it yet. I’m talking about “Nei Murukku”

5. Prabhudeva and Nakma in “Kaathalan”



Though I don’t remember what they ate exactly, Don’t we all want to produce our own food in a place like this, at a time like this.

4. Vijay sethupathi in “Vikram Vedha”


All foodies recent sensation is “Nalli” only because of the way VJS explains how to eat it. I even started to imitate the procedure it with “Dosa” and “Chutney” as I haven’t got a chance to taste “Nalli” yet.

3. Vadivelu in “Kurukshethram”

vadivelu oothappam

I would like to write the whole dialogue now. Its a complete foodie’s emotion which was emoted by Vadivelu here. I’m sure many of Vadivelu fans and Ooothapam fans would have tried this at your home.

2. Senthil in “Boys”


“KANNAIYAN . . ANNA VERI KANNAYAN”. I doesn’t had much love towards kovil prasadhams until i saw this scene. Every bit of his explanation is pure bliss i would say. Yes it watereed my mouth.

1. Vadivelu in “Ellamey en Raasa Thaan”


Have you watched this scene yet. If no this article is not meant for you. This scene has everything that every foodie require. This sure will be relatable for most of the VIP’s who eat infront their fathers everyday. “Mouth Watering Food related scene” defined.


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