10 Countries You Can Travel With Just Your Indian License And No Intl Driving Permit Is Required

Now you don’t have to
LICENSE if you’re visiting these 10 countries
Okayyy!! So the vacation has come and it’s time for all of us to pack our bags and leave
our Country for a month or two. Vacationing this New Year season is what we all are
looking forward to, isn’t it?
Cool places, Beach spots, Touristy wonders and Road trip drives are on our mind right now! Oh wait, talking of driving, it’s high time we take up our International driving
license to avoid all those cops-handling during your stay abroad. Fret not!
We’ve got you covered by suggesting you few countries that will accept Indian
No paperworks and no breaking your head about this. Ta-da!! Look at the following
countries that you can travel with your Indian license!
1. Switzerland
You can drive here for a year with an Indian permit.
image source
2. U.S.A
You can drive here with your Indian license along with a translated English copy and
also a copy of the 1-94 form.
image source
3. France
You can travel here with your license along with a copy that’s translated to French.
image source
4. Germany
You can travel for 6 months with your Indian license that’s along with the German translated copy.
image source
5. Great Britain
Using your Indian license you can travel in a small motor vehicle for a year.
image source
6. Australia
It changes according to states. Some need an international permit while others require
just your Indian license along with a copy of its translation. Whereas, the
northern part allows you to drive only for 3 months!
image source
7. Canada
Your Indian license and a translated copy is need. Except Ontario, which needs an international permit after 3 months.
image source
8. New Zealand
You have to be 21 or above with an Indian license and a translated copy of it approved by
the NZ travel agency.
image source
9. Norway
Just your Indian license is enough with English translated copy. You can also get your
international permit, but it’s not mandatory.
image source
10. South Africa
You need your driving license and its translated copy. But if you’re planning to do some
part-time job, then your company would require you to get an international driving
image source
Hope this was quite helpful for you in case you’re planning to visit any of these countries any time soon! BonVoyage!! 🙂



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