10 cherishable memories that will take you back to your school days


 1.Rythmic “Good morning teacher”

No matter whichever grade you are, without that prolonged good morning wish, your day at school is incomplete.

2. Lunch breaks never failed to prove “Unity in Diversity”

The most awaited and loved period of every single day is none other than the lunch period. This is the only hour when you can interact with your friends from other sections.

3. Punishments= funnnn!

For many of us, standing outside the class was always fun. Though many students felt bad for it, some were too good to not to repeat the mistakes.

4. When a teacher is absent…

The best ever feeling is that to know that your teacher is absent. That too, when there is a test and you haven’t prepared or when there is an assignment due and you haven’t even started and you get to know that your teacher is absent. Nothing can parallel that feel!

5. That pride in being a last bencher

Being a last bencher is like having a crown in your head! You’ll always be the centre of attraction as well as the target of the teachers.

6. Annoying that class monitor

This was another favourite task of all the mischievous students in the class, isn’t it? Every time the teacher left the class and the class monitor took charge, the noise level increased to double. Because irritating someone was so much fun.

7. Lamest excuses for bunking the classes

We all would have bunked our classes, and got caught in the most embarrassing way possible. We generally come up with lamest excuses. Unfortunately, we never knew that our teachers knew our bunking patterns

8. P.T periods

How can we forget the PT period? The time when teachers took us to the playground so we could play, exercise, run and what not! And, there also used to be an excitement for wearing the PT uniform, isn’t it? Clipped nails and fine haircuts were among the few things which we never wanted to have!

9. That one boring class

There was always one class which was so boring – you made strategies to bunk the class or just take a nap without anyone noticing! Suddenly the teacher asks a question and the whole class stares blankly at the board

10. Last but not the least- the farewell!!!

 Farewell is the unforgettable part of everyone’s school life. Farewell hugs, confessions, apologies and what not?



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