10 Amazingly Insane Jobs In The World That Really Exist

Not everyone
are lucky enough to land up in a job that’s pretty amazing, has no work stress
and pays you a bomb! But someone has to do it, and those few are definitely lucky!!
1. Water Slide Tester

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First Choice
employed one lucky graduate in the amazing role of Waterslide Tester. This
involves travelling to sunny destinations to test out the hotel resort slides
to make sure they cause a big enough splash for holiday makers.
2. Chocolate Consultant

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chocolate lover would die for this job as chocolate consultant. It is their job
to test out new ranges of chocolate and organise tastings for retailers to
choose new items to stock.
3. Bike-riding Photographer


Google employed two lucky people to ride a
bike around France with the Google Maps camera attached to the back, as the car
simply couldn’t fit down some of France’s tiny streets.
4. Beer Taster

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breweries hire technologists to check the quality of their beer.
Others want to hire tasters to help in the development of new brews.
5. Hotel Reviewer

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Getting to
stay at some of the most amazing destinations around the world, while being put
up in the location’s top hotel for absolutely free, is a job we can’t help but
be envious of. Hotel reviewers will be sure to receive 5 star treatment when
reviewing hotels for magazine and website publications.
6. Luxury Bed Tester

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Does anyone
really have this job? Yep, a student from Birmingham City University landed
a job at a luxury bed company. They paid her 1000 pounds to
sleep on designer beds every day for a month. The goal
was to distinguish which ones offered the best night’s sleep.
7. Rented Boyfriend

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Yes, you are
paid to act like a boyfriend. There is website called RentAFriend.com with
hundreds of thousands of friends from around the world available for hire.
8. LEGO Sculptor

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has certified professionals who build models in LEGOLAND Discovery Centers
around the world.  Want the job? Submit a video of one of your
models. If they like it, you might find yourself in a LEGO-building
battle. With only around 30 of these jobs in the world, the competition is
9. Paradise Island Caretaker
article 2134388 12BE844F000005DC
that resort job hiring campaign that went viral?  It was for
the position of caretaker on Hamilton Island on The Great Barrier Reef. It
required the person to relax, swim and explore the island while blogging
about their experience. About 35,000 people applied, but only one
was hired. We’d still take those odds any day. 
10. Professional Sleeper
shutterstock 115561447
was probably a new profession introduced through a art show which involved a
women who was paid to sleep as the part of living art exhibition. And
probably the best job ever!
job you are interested in?! 😉 Comment below!


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