10 Lies We Tell Everyday But Never Accept

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7 years ago

By admin

I’m not going to lie about this! Probably the biggest lie
ever 😛
Don’t we all lie everyday, not big black ones, but I-don’t-mean-to-hurt-you
lies. Starting from telling our mom in the morning to our  boyfriend/girlfriend, the list goes on.

And some of the most common white lies we all say are..
1. I’m fine

Image result for yeah i'm fine meme

Like really? I guess we got so used to this phrase. Upset-
I’m fine, sad – I’m fine, angry – I’m fine, dead – yeah, absolutely fine!
2. I didn’t do it

Image result for i didn't do it meme

Right from childhood days when we pointed our sibling for a
mistake we did, to the times at office when we say this to our boss, we have
ruled this lie!!
3. I’m on my way there

Related image

Just the equivalent to saying I still didn’t get up from
bed. And i’m going to be VERY late 😛
4. I didn’t see your
call, sorry I missed it

Image result for sorry i missed your call meme

We will be having the phone right in our hand and looking at
the screen when that call comes. But no, we’re not going to attend it.
5. Thanks a lot, I
love it!


Something your friend cooked and you are about to puke it or
a gift from your boyfriend that you absolutely detest, you can’t hurt them and so you are succumbed to say this lie.
6. I will start my
diet/workout from Monday

Image result for i will start my diet tomorrow meme

Yeah, every single time! It’s like taking up our new
resolution again and again. But still we never do!
7. I can’t come
today, I’m sick

mean girls i cant go out im sick meme main

That day when you can’t get from bed and have no mood to get
ready and go to work. But then your boss calls and you have to lie on his face!
8. OMG, you lost

Funniest Memes omg gurl have you lost weight 7541

Are you kidding, you are still the same old fatty, but I
just can’t say that, can I? Your mind voice, when you meet people after ages.
9. I’m very busy
these days


Absolutely lazying around in life, but you can’t accept that
to the nosy relatives yeah?! So you gotta tell them how busy you are, and can’t
attend any of the crappy family functions!
10. I never lie!

Image result for i never lie meme

Mother of lies – We have lost count of how many times we
would have used this lie in our life! Nobody can blame you, when you don’t lie

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