TN Govt Has Come Up With This Shocking Rule For Couples Who Are Marrying In Register Office.

Couples who are getting married in register office should get their parent’s along with them says the new circular that Tamilnadu government made recently.  Tamil Nadu government has made it a compulsory practice to bring original documents of parental identity for registration of Hindu marriages. It is believed that this circular would give the registrars an indirect path to ascertain whether parental consent was involved before the registration of marriage.

The intention for producing the rule was different and the issue will be looked into says the Inspector General of Registration. So many discussions in recent days are taking place regarding this concern of whether parental consent is mandatory for couples to get married in Register office or not. Activists, Politicians, Inter-cast marrying couples, Inter-religious marrying couples questioned the intention behind this new rule of involving parents in the Register marriage.

It is evident among many Indian parents that they believe caste pride and purity are more necessary than their children’s choice while choosing a life partner for their life. The state is supposed to safeguard the rights of such sons and daughters. The TN circular, however, makes the administration an ally of such parents.

The circular, dated September 28, 2017, is addressed to all sub registrars, district registrars and associate registrars from the Chief Registrar’s office in Chennai. According to The News Minute, among several points the first point coercing the couples to produce their respective Aadhar identications and their parent’s as well for witnesses. Also the circular denotes that the Aadhar identification could not be accepted for citizenship proof or address proof.

Then the circular asks the various registrars to verify the address and names of parents of the couple. It says, “Ensure that it tallies with name filled in application form. Only after careful scrutiny can the registration proceed.”

On the next hand it requires the original death certificate of the parent or parents if they are deceased. And it also requires if the groom or bride’s spouse is dead, the death certificate of them should be produced and a copy of it should be retained.

The immense change in the requirements has been brought without any public opinion or discussion and it is merely a “internal circular”.

Last month, when a couple went to the registrar office, to get their marriage registered after a week of their wedding functions, they were asked to bring at least one of their parents with them. Recalling the incident, they said,” They insisted it would be better if we bring a parent, preferably our fathers. So, we went back and returned with our fathers.”

According to The Hindu Article, an official source said that this circular would make it practically unfeasible for the couples to register their marriage without their parents will under the Hindu Marriage Act (HMA). “See, it does not specify parental consent, but every point implies that. Couples can still register under the Special Marriage Act.”


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