Kasthuri In Big Trouble For Her Tweet About CSK !! Deleted Tweet & Posts A New One !!


Many lauded the performance of CSK against Kolkata Knight Riders in social media where some expressed their disappointment as the entire match went one sided and boring. One of the first to say it is the Tamil star sports commentator RJ Balaji. Following him actress Kasthuri compared Chennai Super King’s innings with an old movie of MGR named “Pallandu vazhga”.

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Her obscene comment mocked veteran actor/politician MG Ramachandran and actress Latha. In her tweet she said that CSK are doing romance with the ball more than MGR did with Latha in “Pallandu Vazhga”. Check out her tweet here :

This tweet of her received massive outrage among her own followers where they trolled back Kasthuri for her intimate scenes with Sathyaraj in “Amaithi Padai” movie.

Actress Kasthuri Trolled CSK For Their Slow Innings !! Trolled Back By Her Own Followers !!

Now latha, the Pallandu vazhga actress herself expressed her distress against Kasthuri’s comment. “I have been in this industry for 50 long years. Till now I have gained respect for my own self. There are millions of people who love “Makkal Thilagam” MGR till now in Tamilnadu. This is not a way to write a tweet which is making sad every one of them”

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“If she wants to state an example, she could have chose one from her own movie. I have not acted as awkward as her. She is the one who is talking feminism in her social media accounts. Is this a way a feminist would behave ?? Do any woman make such comment against another woman in public forum ?? This is one of the cheapest way to gain publicity” said Latha’s report according to Malai Malar.

Latha also thanked Nadigar Sangam for sending warning letter to Kasthuri and she also stated that MGR’s fan clubs across the word condemning the statement of Kasthuri.

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Following this Kasthuri deleted the tweet and posted another tweet justifying her earlier comment. “What’s wrong in MGR rubbing his co star’s cheek and hands? What’s wrong in stating it as an example.? Though I apologize to those who got hurt due to my comment”  she said and attached a Facebook post.

Check out some of the comments from followers and Kasthuri’s reply to those :

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