Deaf and Mute Protesting At Coimbatore Seeking Government Jobs which was promised earlier by the TN Govt.

The Youth of Coimbatore who are impaired in hearing and speaking gathered to protest against the government in order to propose for government jobs. They congregated in front of the district collector office by holding banners and leaflets which denotes their objective.

According to Deccan Chronicle daily newspaper, they held a silent protest which does not involved any kind of harmful activities. Government jobs for persons with disabilities was allotted 3% as per the Act produced in the year 2017. Among the 3%, 1% of the seats are allotted for deaf and mute alone.

Saleem, an activist who was voicing for the protesting people reproached that the government had left the deaf and mute people miserably and they are wretched as their financial conditions are not concerned. There are more than 2000 people existed in Coimbatore alone who are impaired in hearing and speaking. They should be cared and should be kept in concern adds Saleem.


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