Covai Law Student Priya Suspended For Talking About Unnao and Kathua Rape Case.. SHOCKING!!

A first-year student of a Government Law College in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu suspended on Saturday for allegedly attempting to create a communal divide by her remarks over the horrific rape incident Kathua.

As per reports, the student was suspended following complaints that she had been trying to force her fellow students to speak against the government and also asking them to boycott classes over the heinous crime.

R Priya was suspended following complaints from fellow students that she had been trying to force them to speak against the government and also asking them to boycott classes over the rape incidents, a release from the college principal K Gopalakrishnan said. She was trying to create a communal divide among the students, it said.

Besides, Assistant Professor, R Ammu who was deputed to inquire into the students complaint was prevented by her from carrying out his work, the release said.

 Considering the regulations of the college, she was placed under suspension, on apprehension that her acts would lead to caste, religious and communal clashes, it said.

“On 13.04.2018, Professor Ammu and fellow classmates of R Priya of Coimbatore Government Law College have complained that she has spoken in a manner that incites clashes among students on the basis of sex and religion, prevented the teacher from doing her job when she tried to stop such incitement of violence, and acted in a threatening manner,” reads the suspension letter.

It goes on to say, “In the complaint, the students state that Priya’s activities prevent classes from taking place and that Priya forces the students to cut class to protest against the government and posts in harsh words on WhatsApp about students who refuse to listen to her.”

The letter also states that Priya is “temporarily dismissed” from college, and she cannot enter the campus without the permission of the Principal.

Priya alleges that since Suryanarayana Sastry took over as Vice Chancellor of the Ambedkar University (Government Law College, Coimbatore is affiliated), there has been a crackdown on students who are politically active.

“This is not the first time something like this is happening. We asked for permission to celebrate Ambedkar Jayanthi but we were refused. Professor Ammu makes the watchman record videos of my demonstrations outside the campus. She plays it to the principal,” alleges Priya, who is a member of the Left-leaning Revolutionary Student Front.

With exams in less than a month and a suspension in hand, Priya is determined to fight this. “The teachers can change their story, but all the students are on my side. I will stand and face this,” she says.

Professor Ammu told TNM that she was not the right person to comment on the issue.

Principal Gopalakrishnan said, “That student is in Revolutionary Student Front. She is continuously working against the government and the college management. She is inciting students to protest against the government. She has the right to participate in social work. But we cannot accept such work inside the college campus. For the past few years, Coimbatore Government Law College has been functioning well. At such a time, that student is looking to tarnish the name of the college management. Professor Ammu and her classmates have given a three page complaint on her in this regard. Only after this, we suspended her. We did not suspend for any personal reasons. Suspension is not punishment. In February alone, we suspended eight students. Of them, seven students’ suspensions were revoked. But, this issue has now gone to the Law Education Director. Only they can decide about revoking the order of suspension. A committee of three professors has been constituted with regard to this issue.”

Priya has been asked not to enter the college campus without permission from the Principal, the release added.
The brutal rape and murder of an eight-year-old in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua, and Unnao rape case of a 17-year-old girl have sparked nationwide anger.


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