Controversial Sri Reddy Asks Director Murugadoss To Remember “Green Park Hotel” !! SHOCKING !!

In one of our earlier reports, we have already revealed how Sri Reddy shifted her focus to Tamil Film Industry and threatened to reveal the name of a Tamil director who has sexually harassed her in the name of giving offers.

Now, not only the name of the top director but also the name of the hotel they had spent together was revealed by the actress who claimed that AR Murugadoss promised her a role but didn’t offer her anything. By the way, the name of the hotel was Green Park Hotel and she met him through Veligonda Srinivas.

Was it sexual harassment or mutual understanding between them? It’s a known thing that consensual sex isn’t called sexual harassment. This is the first time Sri Reddy actually made allegations on a big name, openly. Let’s wait for Murugadoss’ response.

Actress Sri Reddy already involved in several controversies regarding sexual harassment.  In a recent interview with Times of India, Sri Reddy has blamed Nani for not being able to be a part of Bigg Boss. “I was initially approached by the Bigg Boss team to be a part of the show. I gave my consent but when I did not hear from them for a month, I called them up to seek an update. I was then they told  me that they can’t take me on board because of ‘some politics’. I was shocked to hear that.”

Nani replied her that he has initiated legal action for defaming him. He also added that they were baseless accusations.

Check out her comment on A.R Murugadoss today :

Here are some of the main comments :

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