BREAKING : Prank Shows Banned In Tamilnadu ?? Shocking Judgement Created Controversy !!

Advocate Muthukumar from Madurai filed a petition in Madurai Branch of Madras High court regarding the ban of prank shows in Tamilnadu result of which Judges Kirubakaran and S.S Sundar issued an instant judgement about banning the prank shows across Tamilnadu.

The world may be going gaga over the tunes on the popular TikTok app but Tamil Nadu government isn’t much impressed by it. Apparently there are some politicians in Tamil Nadu who see the app as a threat to the culture as well as the law and order set up in the state.

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Earlier Tamil Nadu Information Technology minister M Manikandan on announced in the assembly that he would request the state government for a ban on TikTok. According to a report from The Hindu, S. Ramadoss from Pattali Makkal Katchi party had also sought a ban on the app last month saying that users were uploading suggestive sexual dance choreography” on it.

TikTok which has a huge user base in India has a major portion of its userbase come between the 16 and 24 years of age group. The increasing popularity has also opened the gates for hate speech on the platform. The company claims that it uses a combination of human intervention and machine learning tools to check on the content and remove those that its moderation team does not deem fit for the platform. It has its offices in Delhi and Mumbai.

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“Considering children’s safety Tik Tok should be banned” argued Lawyer during the case hearing who also pointed the app has been banned in America and Indonesia. To this Judges responded by ordering central government to produce a report regarding Tik Tok ban.

Following this Lawyers asked Judges to ban prank show which affects the independency of people. They also reported that there are deaths taken place due to the pranks. As a result of this Judges banned Prank shows and also banned to stream it in televisions.

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