BJP Subramaniyam Swamy Called Kamal As “Moron” !! Check Out How Kamal Gave Him Back !!

Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan released a video regarding the recent statement of BJP leader Amit Shah. In the video Kamal was seen voicing out against him for imposing Hindi throughout the country, especially in Tamilnadu.

Kamal Haasan, the chief of the Makkal Needhi Maiam, said the debate over Hindi could become bigger than the ‘Jallikattu’ protest. Jallikattu is a Tamil bull-taming sport which is held during Pongal. There were massive protests in the state in 2017 after Supreme Court’s ordered a ban on it.

“Unity in diversity is the promise we made when we made India 0a republic. Now no Shah, Sultan or Samrat should go back on their promise,” Haasan said in a video shared on Twitter.

After seeing this video, BJP MP Subramaniyam Swamy slammed Kamal Haasan in a tweet of him by calling the actor as “Moron”. The tweet of him said “Moron Kamalahasan and DMK Chief Stalin are howling about imposition of Hindi. What about their imposition that no Hindi will be taught in TN? Let Hindi be an optional third language and the choice on which language to opt left to the student.”

Check out his tweet here :

Kamal Haasan was questioned about this by press reporters to which Kamal gave a sarcastic reply, video of which is going viral in social media platforms. “More on Subramanya Swamy later. Let me clarify. I will say More on Subramanya Swamy later. No more on Subramanya Swamy in this interview, we will continue with the language issue that tamils are facing” he said. In his statement Kamal Haasan made sure to sound every “More on” as “Moron” to sarcastically mock the BJP politician.

Watch the video here :

In his video Kamal warned that if “inclusive India” is made into an “exclusive one” will all will suffer due to such “short-sighted folly” . “Most people happily sing their national anthem with pride and will continue to do so and the reason is the poet who wrote it gave due respect to all languages and culture within the anthem and hence it became our anthem,” he added.


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